We offer a range of services to support the growth and use of the Helium network in the ACT and across Australia.  Here is a current list:

Hotspot Installation Remote Support

We offer a remote technical support service to those with hotspots who need a little help getting it up and running and configured correctly on your home/business network. Bookings can be made here for short remote screen-sharing sessions.

LoRaWAN Radio-mapping and Antenna Analysis Field Test

Unsure about whether to deploy a hotspot in a given location, and what your likelihood of witness other hotspots in the area might be? We have a range of testing equipment available that can answer these questions, and we can advise on the best installation location, hardware selection and more. Interested in deploying sensor nodes that use the Helium network and not sure about coverage in intended usage areas – we can map your location to give you confidence before you deploy. COMING SOON.

Helium ACT Online Store

Our store is very nearly ready to launch! We’ll be stocking antennas, cables, development boards, sensor nodes, and other accessories to both help build out the Helium network and to make use of it. Missing something that you need for your deployment? Reach out and we’ll help locate what you need.

If you need help with something not listed here, reach out anyway and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Switch on the Debugmode of the Plugin!

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Buy me a coffee!?

Buy me a coffee!

If you find this content informative, or if it has helped you out in some way, here’s my Helium wallet address.  A coffee, a beer or a little bit of HNT to offset some of the operating costs is always appreciated! Thanks.