Here’s a list of some of the resources we have found helpful on our Helium journey so far. We’ll grow this list as we learn more.

Where to buy

Australian versions of the Helium Hotspots/Miners are currently very difficult to get a hold of – such is the demand at the moment. When buying you need to make sure you buy models that are certified to work on the AU915 frequencies. Here are a few places where you can order. Note that most suppliers are currently on backorder for several months.

Hardware and Suppliers

  • Sensecap M1 – IOT-Store in Perth sell these as well as other accessories. Currently delivering in November. Note that prices exclude GST, and the shipping will be around $45 or more. Use code HDUTEAM@IOT STORE (including the space) when placing an order and save yourself 3%, and support the Helium DownUnder community
  • Linxdot – UK based site with free international shipping. Be mindful of potential import costs due to customs and duty. Use code HDUTEAM to save yourself 3%, and support the Helium DownUnder community
  • Heltec HT-2808 Indoor Hotspot – Chinese automation company Heltec Automation currently undergoing certification of their hardware for Australia
  • RAK – Very popular supplier of Helium/LoRaWAN hardware including Antennas and other related accessories. Distributed by Cal-Chip in the USA. You can also order their accessories from their Aliexpress store
  • Nebra – Popular UK-based manufacture, but currently sold out and not taking orders
  • Controllino – New site with an open waitlist. Don’t know much about these guys. Join the waitlist anyway.


If you’re in Canberra, we can get professionally made LMR400 coaxial cables from a local supplier advertising on Facebook here.


If you’re on a service which employs CGNAT and cannot opt out definitely consider switching ISPs.  Superloop is widely regarded as one of the best ISPs in Australia at the moment and their prices are highly competitive, they have their own high speed backhaul infrastructure and connections have very low latency. And – they don’t use CGNAT!  In most cases a switch to Superloop can happen in minutes. Literally.

: if you follow these links, you will be helping support the site and the content I produce – I’ll receive a small discount off my own service if you do.  Thanks in advance – you won’t regret the switch. 🙂

Where to learn more

There’s already a handful of excellent resources where you can learn more and talk to others.


Like any good technology/crypto project, there are a few Discord servers where you can chat with other Helium enthusiasts in Canberra.

  • The Official Helium Community – this is the big one. Look out for the #au-australia channel under HL-AUSTRALIA
  • Helium AU915 – This is Australia-specific and has an #act channel dedicated to Canberra and surrounds



  • Helium Down Under is run by Ian Moore and has LOADS of up to date videos and great information on the state of Helium in Australia and New Zealand

The AU Helium Planner map

Here’s a great community generated planning map with a bunch of information related to the PLANNED hotspots for the Australia/New Zealand region. Canberra already has a good number of spots on the map, but we need many more!

Ubiquiti’s Link tool

Great for checking Line of Sight (LoS). There’s a post here with links. and the Explorer map is obviously the best place to take a deep dive in relation to how the network works, how the rewards happen, all the documentation and everything else you need to know.

Helium’s own Explorer map is THE place to go for all of the deployed hotspots. From here you can see the activity the hotspots have been involved in as well as the earnings for that hotspot in HNT in the last 24hours, 7 days and 30 days. Sadly, there’s just one hotspot for Canberra so far, but that is all set to change VERY soon!


HotspotRF helps you to simulate the kind of coverage you can expect by inputting information about your planned deployment. New accounts get to run 10 free simulations (enough for most people), and beyond that there are paid options if you need them. Check out the post I just wrote here.

Helium Vision

Helium Vision – A tool for helping to plan and manage the placement of hotspots

Management Tools/Status dashboards

Here are the management tools and status dashboards I’ve fount so far

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