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I’ve helped many people with port forwarding and troubleshooting their relayed Helium hotspot woes. If that’s you, and you’re not into networking or maybe you want the reassurance that it’s done right, maybe book some time and we’ll work out what’s going on. We can usually identify and resolve local problems pretty quickly and make recommendations for further troubleshooting with your ISP if necessary.

Note: you MUST have some method of being able to share your screen for the session, ideally from a computer. To help make the call go as smoothly as possible, please fill out as much information as you can. Talk soon!

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Buy me a coffee!

If you find this content informative, or if it has helped you out in some way, here’s my Helium wallet address.  A coffee, a beer or a little bit of HNT to offset some of the operating costs is always appreciated! Thanks.