Already planning?

If you’re already planning to deploy some Helium hotspots in Canberra that’s great news. Judging by the various forums, people are stumbling upon Helium, are wanting to buy equipment, and then connect with the local community to ask questions and get advice.

Here’s six easy steps to get involved in the discussions:

  1. Order some hotspots any way you can! See the Resources page for links that could help there
  2. Join the Helium AU915 discord – there’s a channel dedicated to the ACT there. When you join be sure to say hello, introduce yourself and maybe share your plans – perhaps how many you’re planning to deploy, what suburbs you plan to deploy them in, what antennas you’re planning to get – that kind of thing…
  3. Join the Facebook groups – there are two dedicated to the Helium in Australia:
  4. Watch and subscribe to Ian’s Helium DownUnder channel on Youtube. We owe a lot to Ian for the advice and guidance he’s offered the Helium community here in Australia
  5. Add your planned hotspots to the map! This is critical since we’re in the early stages and people are interested in seeing the groundswell of activity and are wanting to know about other hotspots in the area
  6. Lastly – Tell your friends and anyone who will listen! The more people we can get involved the better the Helium network in Canberra will become!
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Buy me a coffee!

If you find this content informative, or if it has helped you out in some way, here’s my Helium wallet address.  A coffee, a beer or a little bit of HNT to offset some of the operating costs is always appreciated! Thanks.