Those flat door/window coax cables – What’s inside them?

Tonight I sacrificed one of my flat coax cables that traverse windows and doors to take a look and see what’s inside so YOU don’t have to.

We sell these short 25cm cables which are terminated with RP-SMA Male and Female fittings and act as a short extension to get through these harder-to-overcome places in order to get your antenna mounted outside.

So what’s inside?

The thin grey cable revealed…

Firstly, the outer casing is made of a heat shrink material 16mm wide which is relatively easy to cut open and reveal the insides. Inside there’s a very thin, grey cable which appears to be braided. It is too thin at 1.16mm diameter to have any identifiable markings, but it feels similar to the short cable that joins the RP-SMA fitting on your hotspot to the LoRaWAN concentrator board within. It’s the same kind of cable as these u.fl -> RP-SMA pigtails which are used for adding RP-SMA antennas to LoRaWAN development boards.

Here are some snaps of the fittings on the flat cable for those that are curious:


RP-SMA Female

…and if you need one – head over to our store to pick one up. 🙂

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