Helium in Australia in 2021 – A brief year in review and some random interesting stats

So, it’s time (and let’s face it WELL overdue) for a sit-rep on the State of Helium in Australia. Timely too, since it’s New Years Eve and we have a bit to reflect on for 2021!

Boy, how far we have come in such a shorty space of time…

These metrics is in no apparent order – just a list of nuggets and data points I’ve been able to accumulate over the last while.

Disclaimer: Most of this data has come from Sitebot.com – so I’m counting on it being accurate. I’ve then crunched it to the best of my ability. Do with this data what you will, but so we’re clear, this is done on a best effort basis, so don’t count it as gospel! Entertainment purposes only, not formal advice, do your own research etc! 🙂

Helium HNT Token

Helium has hit new all time highs of AUD$75 up from about AUD$10 per coin before August. Currently we’re at about AUD$49 per coin and weathering the current dip quite well compared to most crypto projects.

In Australia, we have earned over 12,170 HNT, worth more than $595,000 which puts Australia in 42nd place in the world for HNT earned – just behind Taiwan, but ahead of South Africa.

Helium Hotspots in Australia

There are now more than 440,000 hotspots worldwide with almost 300,000 added in about the last 3 months. Madness.

Australia has 1,854 hotspots currently with all states and territories well represented. Staggeringly, 222 are showing as offline! And 398 are reported as ‘relayed’ (Thanks to @Ian O – Helium (HNT) Australia Early Adopters FB group).

We’re 24th in the world for # of hotspots – just behind Hungary and ahead of the Irish Republic…

Helium Hotspots in Australia – 2021

Helium Miners/Hotspots in Australia by State/Territory as at 31 Dec 2021

State or Territory Number of Hotspots Cities/Towns
Helium Miners/Hotspots in Australia by State/Territory as at 31 Dec 2021
Helium Miners/Hotspots in Australia as at 31 Dec 2021

Australia now has SIX hotspot manufacturers represented – Heltec, Linxdot, Sensecap, Nebra, RAK/Calchip and Bobcat (unofficially). SenseCap takes the lion’s share to date with MANY more on the way.

Number of Helium miners/hotspots per wallet in Australia

These 1,854 hotspots are owned by 1,117 wallets.

On average each wallet owns 1.65 Helium hotspots/miners.

The largest holding of hotspots is one wallet with 42. Almost 800 wallets hold just one hotspot.

Community and Social Platforms

The Helium AU915 Discord has grown from barely anything to now more than 714 users.

Helium HNT Australia – Early adopters Facebook group is strong with over 6,500 users. Helium Mining Australia Facebook Group is at 3,500 members.

In the ACT, we’ve established our own Helium (HNT) Canberra, ACT Facebook Group with 57 members. Please join if you’re in the ACT or surrounds and haven’t already.

Helium meetups have been happening in most states and territories – we’ve had 3 in person and 1 virtual for Canberra, ACT, albeit not super-well attended ;). We’ll work on that in 2022.

Helium network coverage in Australia

Most state/territory capitals already have viable Helium networks for various use cases NOW. Plenty of mapping has been done by a few enthusiastic individuals across the country which proves the network coverage.

In the ACT, we have around 70% of the residential areas mapped and likely over 95% of the city covered but not YET mapped. Our goal is to become the first Australian city to map all residential areas – wish us luck! 😉

If you’re not involved in mapping yet, get started! Here are some guides.

Note: If you’ve not yet looked at Mappers, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. Click any of the hexagons to see which hotspots are providing coverage to that location, their signal strength and other interesting metrics…

Current MAPPED Helium coverage in the ACT
Current MAPPED Helium coverage in Sydney

Helium HNT Earnings (Last 365 days)

Top 5 highest earning hotspots for the past 365 days

  • Quaint Yellow Cotton Mouth (Athelstone, SA) – 137.26 HNT
  • Dapper Lavender Sardine (Sydney, NSW) – 129.21 HNT
  • Cold Currant Anteater (Banksia, NSW) – 120.63 HNT
  • Salty Slate Ant (Bondi Junction, NSW) – 119.40 HNT
  • Creamy Mercurial Pigeon (Eastgardens, NSW) – 115.12 HNT

Helium HNT Earnings (Last 30 days)

Top 5 highest earning hotspots for the past 30 days

  • Docile Shamrock Shell (Earlwood, NSW) – 34.75 HNT
  • Boxy Satin Squid (Randwick, NSW) – 23.44 HNT
  • Curly Inky Rattlesnake (Peakhurst, NSW) – 23.00 HNT
  • Cool Pink Mandrill (Guildford West, NSW) – 22.68 HNT
  • Fun Glossy Marmot (Moorebank, NSW) – 21.96 HNT

Helium HNT Earnings by State – Various Date Ranges

Helium HNT Earnings by State – Various Date Ranges

Asserted Antenna Gain

The highest asserted gain for antennas in Australia is 15dbi on 47 hotspots – all of which are in Sydney city..!? :-/

Hotspots and asserted antenna gain

Asserted Installation Height

  • Average installation height is 12.86 metres
  • The highest asserted installation height is 230 metres for Joyous Laurel Quail in Austinville, QLD.
  • 77 hotspots have their installation height asserted as 100 metres or higher
  • 262 hotspots have an asserted height of 0 metres! What are you doing, people? Get them off the ground!! 🙂

Hotspots and asserted installation height

That’s a wrap for 2021!

Well, there you go – A pretty impressive year for Helium in Australia with some interesting numbers. What surprised you? What other metrics would you find interesting?

Happy New Year to you all and all the best for the success of Helium in 2022!!

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