The State of Helium in Australia – November 2021

It’s just about a month since the last post like this and growth has been phenomenal. We’ve seen most of the first batch of Sensecap M1s come online and other suppliers have delivered too. Here’s an overview of the State of Helium in Australia since the October update.

Hotspots and HNT earnings to data by State or Territory

Here’s a snapshot of the latest distribution and HNT earnings across the States and Territories:

 NSW 300 181  59  129  352  1,161  1,877  2,095 
 QLD 133  89  22  42  117  407  678  751 
 VIC 148  99  17  54  121  146  195 
 WA 53  45  117  172  177 
 SA 77  58  19  35  98  249  375  543 
 TAS  10
 ACT  11

Note: the earnings figures *seem* a little off for both WA and VIC – I’ll check the updated data again tomorrow and update, but confident the number of miners is good.

Quick facts

As of 3 November 2021:

  • 733 hotspots activated in Australia (up 475 hotspots in a month a 184.10% increase)
  • 3,776 HNT earned (a 122.7% increase) worth $139,523 based on today’s exchange rate of about AUD37 per token
  • Australia is now 28th in the world for # of hotspots – just behind the Czech Republic and Ireland
  • HNT has increased in value by AUD11 per coin – a 42% increase
  • October saw HNT hit a new all-time-high of AUD42.07 on 30 Oct
  • ACT now has 11 hotspots activated (450% increase!)- and we couldn’t be prouder! 😉

Top 3 – Highest earning hotspots (Last 24 hours)

  • Brave Latte Barracuda – Findon SA – 1.833HNT (AUD67.83)
  • Quaint Yellow Cottonmouth – Athelstone, SA – 1.828HNT (AUD67.65)
  • Steep Mauve Blackbird – Seven Hills, NSW – 1.394HNT (AUD51.59)

Top 3 – Highest earning hotspots (Last 30 days)

  • Brief Seaweed Swift – Eastwood, NSW – 37.899HNT (AUD1,402.64)
  • Salty Slate Ant – Bondi Junction, NSW – 37.602HNT (AUD1,391.65)
  • Magnificent Scarlet Parrot – Epping, NSW – 34.916HNT (AUD1,292.24)

What’s to come for November 2021?

Good question! Growth may slow a little over the next few weeks as suppliers receive their next batches. We’ve already heard delays this morning from Linxdot and we’re hoping IOT-Store receive theirr next batch soon. Heltec offline orders are starting to be delivered, but not sure of numbers.

That’s another monthly wrap up. The landscape sure has changed and we’re seeing great increases across the board. The State of Helium in Australia is STRONG!

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