We’ve started a Facebook Group for Helium in Canberra. Instagram, too!

Hey. While there’s some excellent discussion going on in the various Discord servers, I know Discord isn’t for everyone. So we’ve set up a new Facebook group called Helium (HNT) Canberra, ACT for those in Canberra that prefer Facebook. We’re brand new – less than 10 members so far, so please join the group, ask questions and get in on the conversation!

Join the group!

We’re also on Instagram. Follow us there, too!

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Number of Helium hotspots/miners in the ACT:

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Buy me a coffee!

If you find this content informative, or if it has helped you out in some way, here’s my Helium wallet address.  A coffee, a beer or a little bit of HNT to offset some of the operating costs is always appreciated! Thanks.