Connector types on common Helium equipment, their genders and differences

I get REALLY confused about the different gender fittings on Helium gear. RP-SMA in particular has thrown me for a loop on more than one occasion, since it’s the opposite of what you expect – hence the Reverse Polarity! Here’s a simple reference guide for me and anyone else who gets confused.

Most of the connectors we encounter on our Helium antennas and hotspots/miners are RP-SMA and N-Type.

RP-SMA stands for “reverse polarity”. In an RP-SMA connector, the gender has been changed. The RP-SMA male is also the connector with inside threads, but it has the metal sleeve as an inner conductor. The RP-SMA female socket has a barrel with external threads and a centre pin.

SMA is included here for reference.

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