The State of Helium in Australia – October 2021

We’ve seen some EXCELLENT growth in Australia in the past month since the September update. Here’s an overview.

Hotspots and HNT earnings to date – by state or territory

Here’s a snapshot of the latest distribution and HNT earnings across the States and Territories:

Distribution of Helium miners/hotspots across Australia – 4 October 2021
 NSW 118 80  26  56  148  499  896  952 
 QLD 62  44  11  18  49  168  311  316 
 VIC 31  28  13  49  74 
 WA 26  23  10  29  47  56  56 
 SA 15  12  17  61  189  292 
 TAS  4
 ACT  2

Quick facts

As of this writing (4 October 2021), we now have:

  • 258 hotspots activated in Australia (up 72% or 108 hotspots)
  • 1,695 HNT earned (AUD$47,900 based on today’s exchange rate) – that’s up 89% in a month
  • ACT with TWO (count them!) hotspots activated 😉
  • HNT at AUD$28.19 per coin
  • Highest earning hotspot for the month is Salty Slate Ant in Bondi Junction with 33.31 HNT earned (AUD$934 – that’s pretty decent ROI on a ~$700 hotspot)
  • NT is still empty with no hotspots online currently, although one DID pop up a few days ago and has since disappeared

More suppliers have started shipping towards the tail end of September, with Australians receiving some of the first Linxdot and Sensecap hotspots as expected. Nebra have finally started despatching some of theirs as well.

What’s in store for October 2021?

Significant growth!

Heltec have begun shipping their first AU915 batch too, and the IOT-Store is expected to ship out their first batch of 500 or so in the coming days. We hope to see a massive influx of activity as these all come on stream in the coming weeks.

So, there’s the snapshot. I’ll make this a regular monthly thing. What do you think?  More or less than anticipated? How quickly do you think this is gonna change over the course of October? I think it’s gonna be exciting… 🙂

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