Offgrid Helium Hotspot PoC – Part 1 – Power

Another quick post – I’m writing a few longer ones, and need a break!

Here’s a few shots of some of the parts I’ve received for my ‘Offgrid Helium Hotspot Proof of Concept‘.

I ordered this kit from Renogy, which included a huge 100W solar panel, a Renogy Wanderer solar charge controller, and some cables. All were delivered within a week, and I set up today to test out.

The panel is good quality BUT heavy ~8kg and over a metre long by about 50cm wide – I’m planning to use the shade it provides to give the hotspot enclosure some relief from the blazing sun.

Note: The battery show is one of my old motorcycle batteries and is just for testing purposes, I am still to decide which capacity battery to get – i still need to receive all of the required gear and then do the maths – but it’ll be a LiFePO4 of some kind.

100W panel, charge controller, motorcycle battery and a USB lamp as a load
13.4V going into the battery
A successful test!

What are your plans for Offgrid installs? Share a comment below. Thanks!

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