“The Helium Flywheel”

There’s an excellent, albeit six or so months old now, article on Multicoin Capital titled The Helium Flywheel and authored by Tushar Jain.

It covers the economics of Helium and how the whole system will gain momentum and start to power itself the more Helium hotspots come online.

This was written when there were barely 23,000 hotspots online – now there’s over 180,000 and the cost of HNT has almost quadrupled! We’re seeing the flywheel in action…

If you’re more of a listener than a reader, check out Episode 9 of The Hotspot podcast where Tushar Jain is interviewed and discusses the flywheel.

BTW, The Hotspot is an excellent podcast generally, and I can highly recommend subscribing if you’re not already.

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