Helium hotspot growth in Australia – Sept Update

A short post today. As of 14 September 2021, there are 179 Helium hotspots in Australia and they’ve earned a little over 1,030 HNT combined.

Here’s a distribution of Helium hotspot growth since the first hotspots came online in October 2020.

August was significant, and September is lagging a little, although many anticipate taking delivery of hotspots from several suppliers over the latter half of this month.

We should see numbers skyrocket from here. 🙂

State by State distribution of Helium hotspots

Across the States and Territories, the distribution is currently as follows:

Nothing yet for the Northern Territory.

Other interesting numbers:

  • 26 of the 179 hotspots are showing as OFFLINE
  • The most profitable hotspot in the last 24 hours is:
    • Dapper Lavender Sardine (Sydney, NSW) – 1.6 HNT
  • The most profitable hotspots in the last 30 days are:
    1. Harsh Fern Giraffe (North Ryde, NSW) – Earned 25.3 HNT
    2. Dapper Lavender Sardine (Sydney, NSW) – Earned 20.4 HNT
    3. Brave Sapphire Flamingo (Putney, NSW) – Earned 20.2 HNT
  • The most profitable hotspots in the last 365 days are:
    1. Jumpy Corduroy Dolphin (Adelaide, SA) – Added May 2021 – Earned 81.1 HNT
    2. Quaint Yellow Cottonmouth (Athelstone, SA) – Added May 2021 – Earned 78.6 HNT
    3. Harsh Fern Giraffe (North Ryde, NSW) – Added July 2021 – Earned 61.5 HNT

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